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Phonography in Melbourne & Victoria

Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-20 um 10.41.35During my Easter break I did a trip to Melbourne for about 5 days. I went there by bus (just to remember, it’s 11h of riding in the bus and about 900km highway. “Follow the street for 480km”…

After this ride you don’t want to see any busses again….

My bus arrived at about 7:00 am in the morning.. Check-in at Discovery Melbourne was at 14:00, so I had a lot of time to discover MelbourneSmiley

Melbourne trip over Eastern-1Melbourne trip over Eastern-2Melbourne trip over Eastern-3

Melbourne trip over Eastern-4 LOL Smiley Even in Australia^^

Melbourne trip over Eastern-5

Automatic toilet paper dispenser? WTF? Melbourne trip over Eastern-6








There’s a small drug problem in Australia. Even at the Uni….Melbourne trip over Eastern-7








Some impressions I had during a walk through Melbourne… Its a small town of culture and things like that…

Melbourne trip over Eastern-8Melbourne trip over Eastern-12

Melbourne trip over Eastern-9Melbourne trip over Eastern-10Melbourne trip over Eastern-11Melbourne trip over Eastern-13Melbourne trip over Eastern-14Melbourne trip over Eastern-15Melbourne trip over Eastern-16Melbourne trip over Eastern-17Melbourne trip over Eastern-18Melbourne trip over Eastern-19Melbourne trip over Eastern-20Melbourne trip over Eastern-21Melbourne trip over Eastern-22Melbourne trip over Eastern-25Melbourne trip over Eastern-27


Australian guys are a little crazy about sport and sport medicaments and so on…

Melbourne trip over Eastern-26


My first impression at Discovery… Too much alcohol in our roomSmiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge Yea… A party room.

Melbourne trip over Eastern-28Melbourne trip over Eastern-29

Later this week, on Sunday I visited some friends I met in Sydney… It was nice and I had some new experiences. My first visit of a Baptist church, my first Australian Football game…Amazing!

Melbourne trip over Eastern-30Never again say that my car is untidy!


Melbourne trip over Eastern-31


Before I show my Australian Football pix I want to summarize some of the rules and the general gameplay:

Games are officiated by umpires. Australian football begins after the first siren, the umpire bounces the ball on the ground (or throws it into the air if the condition of the ground is poor), and the two ruckmen(typically the tallest players from each team), battle for the ball in the air on its way back down. This is known as the ball-up. Certain disputes during play may also be settled with a ball-up from the point of contention. If the ball ever goes out of bounds (beyond the oval boundary line around the edge of the field), a boundary umpire will stand with his back to the infield and return the ball into play with a throw-in, a high backwards toss back into the field of play.

The ball can be propelled in any direction by way of a foot, clenched fist (called a handball or handpass) or open-hand tap but it cannot be thrown under any circumstances. Once a player takes possession of the ball he must dispose of it by either kicking or handballing it. Any other method of disposal is illegal and will result in a free kick to the opposing team. This is usually called „incorrect disposal“, „dropping the ball“ or „throwing“. If the ball is not in the possession of one player it can be moved on with any part of the body.

A player may run with the ball but it must be bounced or touched on the ground at least once every 15 metres. Opposition players may bump or tackle the player to obtain the ball and, when tackled, the player must dispose of the ball cleanly or risk being penalised for holding the ball. The ball carrier may only be tackled between the shoulders and knees. If the opposition player forcefully contacts a player in the back whilst performing a tackle, the opposition player will be penalised for a push in the back. If the opposition tackles the player with possession below the knees (a low tackle or a trip) or above the shoulders (a high tackle), the team with possession of the football gets a free kick.

If a player takes possession of the ball that has travelled more than 15 metres (16 yd) from another player’s kick, by way of a catch, it is claimed as a mark (meaning that the game stops while he prepares to kick from the point at which he marked). Alternatively, he may choose to „play on“: forfeiting the set shot in the hope of pressing an advantage for his team (rather than allowing the opposition to reposition while he prepares for the free kick). Once a player has chosen to play on, normal play resumes and the player who took the mark is again able to be tackled.

There are different styles of kicking depending on how the ball is held in the hand. The most common style of kicking seen in today’s game, principally because of its superior accuracy, is the drop punt, where the ball is dropped from the hands down, almost to the ground, to be kicked so that the ball rotates in a reverse end over end motion as it travels through the air. Other commonly used kicks are the torpedo punt (also known as the spiral, barrel, or screw punt), where the ball is held flatter at an angle across the body, which makes the ball spin around its long axis in the air, resulting in extra distance (similar to the traditional motion of an American football punt), and the checkside punt or „banana“, kicked across the ball on the outside of the foot is used to curve the ball (towards the right if kicked off the right foot) towards targets that are on an angle. There is also the „snap“, which is almost the same as a checkside punt, except that it is kicked off the inside of the foot and curves in the opposite direction. It is also possible to kick the ball so that it bounces along the ground. This is known as a „grubber“. Grubbers can bounce in a straight line, or curve to the left or right.

Apart from free kicks, marks or when the ball is in the possession of an umpire for a ball up or throw in, the ball is always in dispute and any player from either side can take possession of the ball.

A goal, worth 6 points, is scored when the football is propelled through the goal posts at any height (including above the height of the posts) by way of a kick from the attacking team. It may fly through „on the full“ (without touching the ground) or bounce through, but must not have been touched, on the way, by any player from either team. A goal cannot be scored from the foot of an opposition (defending) player.

A behind, worth 1 point, is scored when the ball passes between a goal post and a behind post at any height, or if the ball hits a goal post, or if any player sends the ball between the goal posts by touching it with any part of the body other than a foot. A behind is also awarded to the attacking team if the ball touches any part of an opposition player, including his foot, before passing between the goal posts. When an opposition player deliberately scores a behind for the attacking team (generally as a last resort, because of the risk of their scoring a goal) this is termed a rushed behind. Before the start of the 2009 season, there was no additional penalty imposed for rushing a behind, compared to any other behind. However, for the start of the 2009 season[11] a new rule was announced[12] awarding a free kick against any player who deliberately rushes a behind.


After all of these facts my summary: There are 18 guys per team. It’s 6 points to kick the ball though the middle goal, outer (behind) is 1 point. After catching a kick over 10m distance you get a free kick. Nearly everything is allowed. Its really manlySmiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge

Melbourne trip over Eastern-32Melbourne trip over Eastern-33Melbourne trip over Eastern-36Melbourne trip over Eastern-37Melbourne trip over Eastern-40Melbourne trip over Eastern-41Melbourne trip over Eastern-42Melbourne trip over Eastern-43Melbourne trip over Eastern-44


Melbourne trip over Eastern-45(A present I got Smiley)


The hostel offered a free graffiti walk to show the most amazing and mostly legal arts on the buildings. It’s amazing to see people doing such a kind of art.

Melbourne trip over Eastern-46Melbourne trip over Eastern-47Melbourne trip over Eastern-48Melbourne trip over Eastern-49Melbourne trip over Eastern-50Melbourne trip over Eastern-53

Melbourne trip over Eastern-51Melbourne trip over Eastern-52Melbourne trip over Eastern-54Melbourne trip over Eastern-55Melbourne trip over Eastern-56Melbourne trip over Eastern-57Melbourne trip over Eastern-58Melbourne trip over Eastern-59Melbourne trip over Eastern-60Melbourne trip over Eastern-61Melbourne trip over Eastern-62Melbourne trip over Eastern-63Melbourne trip over Eastern-64Melbourne trip over Eastern-66

Melbourne trip over Eastern-65Melbourne trip over Eastern-67Melbourne trip over Eastern-68Melbourne trip over Eastern-69Melbourne trip over Eastern-70Melbourne trip over Eastern-71Melbourne trip over Eastern-72Melbourne trip over Eastern-73Melbourne trip over Eastern-74


Melbourne trip over Eastern-75Melbourne trip over Eastern-76


In the evening our hostel offered a all you can eat menu in China Town. The food was nice, but it was weird to see how the backpackers behaved in a restaurant…

Melbourne trip over Eastern-77Melbourne trip over Eastern-80

Backpackers behavior from Christian Kazuya on Vimeo.


The next day I did a trip along the Great Ocean Road. It’s a great road and you really have to do it! I’ll do it again in the summer. It’s so amazing to see this face of Australia.

Melbourne trip over Eastern-81Melbourne trip over Eastern-82Melbourne trip over Eastern-83Melbourne trip over Eastern-84Melbourne trip over Eastern-85Melbourne trip over Eastern-86Melbourne trip over Eastern-87Melbourne trip over Eastern-88Melbourne trip over Eastern-89Melbourne trip over Eastern-90Melbourne trip over Eastern-91Melbourne trip over Eastern-92Melbourne trip over Eastern-93Melbourne trip over Eastern-94Melbourne trip over Eastern-95Melbourne trip over Eastern-96Melbourne trip over Eastern-97Melbourne trip over Eastern-98Melbourne trip over Eastern-99Melbourne trip over Eastern-100


Melbourne trip over Eastern-101Melbourne trip over Eastern-102Melbourne trip over Eastern-103Melbourne trip over Eastern-104Melbourne trip over Eastern-105Melbourne trip over Eastern-106Melbourne trip over Eastern-107Melbourne trip over Eastern-108Melbourne trip over Eastern-109Melbourne trip over Eastern-110Melbourne trip over Eastern-111Melbourne trip over Eastern-112Melbourne trip over Eastern-113Melbourne trip over Eastern-114Melbourne trip over Eastern-115Melbourne trip over Eastern-116Melbourne trip over Eastern-117Melbourne trip over Eastern-118Melbourne trip over Eastern-119Melbourne trip over Eastern-120Melbourne trip over Eastern-121Melbourne trip over Eastern-122Melbourne trip over Eastern-123Melbourne trip over Eastern-124Melbourne trip over Eastern-125Melbourne trip over Eastern-126Melbourne trip over Eastern-127Melbourne trip over Eastern-128Melbourne trip over Eastern-129Melbourne trip over Eastern-130Melbourne trip over Eastern-131Melbourne trip over Eastern-132Melbourne trip over Eastern-133Melbourne trip over Eastern-134Melbourne trip over Eastern-135I HATE SNAKES!Melbourne trip over Eastern-136Melbourne trip over Eastern-137Melbourne trip over Eastern-139Melbourne trip over Eastern-140Melbourne trip over Eastern-141Melbourne trip over Eastern-142Melbourne trip over Eastern-143Melbourne trip over Eastern-144Melbourne trip over Eastern-145Melbourne trip over Eastern-146Melbourne trip over Eastern-147Melbourne trip over Eastern-148Melbourne trip over Eastern-149Melbourne trip over Eastern-150



Melbourne trip over Eastern-151Melbourne trip over Eastern-152Melbourne trip over Eastern-153Melbourne trip over Eastern-154Melbourne trip over Eastern-155Melbourne trip over Eastern-156Melbourne trip over Eastern-157Melbourne trip over Eastern-158Melbourne trip over Eastern-159Melbourne trip over Eastern-160Melbourne trip over Eastern-161Melbourne trip over Eastern-162Melbourne trip over Eastern-163Melbourne trip over Eastern-164Melbourne trip over Eastern-165Melbourne trip over Eastern-166Melbourne trip over Eastern-167Melbourne trip over Eastern-168Melbourne trip over Eastern-169Melbourne trip over Eastern-170Melbourne trip over Eastern-171Melbourne trip over Eastern-172Melbourne trip over Eastern-173Melbourne trip over Eastern-174Melbourne trip over Eastern-175Melbourne trip over Eastern-176Melbourne trip over Eastern-177Melbourne trip over Eastern-178Melbourne trip over Eastern-179Melbourne trip over Eastern-180Melbourne trip over Eastern-181Melbourne trip over Eastern-182Melbourne trip over Eastern-183Melbourne trip over Eastern-184Melbourne trip over Eastern-185


Melbourne trip over Eastern-186Melbourne trip over Eastern-187


And the impressions of my last day in Melbourne, just walking around, enjoying the sunny weather and feeling alive Smiley

Melbourne trip over Eastern-188Melbourne trip over Eastern-189Melbourne trip over Eastern-190Melbourne trip over Eastern-191Melbourne trip over Eastern-192Melbourne trip over Eastern-193Melbourne trip over Eastern-194Melbourne trip over Eastern-195Melbourne trip over Eastern-196Melbourne trip over Eastern-197Melbourne trip over Eastern-198Melbourne trip over Eastern-199


Melbourne trip over Eastern-200Melbourne trip over Eastern-201Melbourne trip over Eastern-202Melbourne trip over Eastern-203Melbourne trip over Eastern-204Melbourne trip over Eastern-205Melbourne trip over Eastern-206Melbourne trip over Eastern-207Melbourne trip over Eastern-208Melbourne trip over Eastern-209Melbourne trip over Eastern-210Melbourne trip over Eastern-211Melbourne trip over Eastern-212Melbourne trip over Eastern-213


Melbourne is a nice town, has a lot of things you can see. You should visit Melbourne once. ^^

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