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I’m Livin In A Land Down Unda!

Weeks 3-6 or Uni week 1-4

My last blog post was a few days ago, so I wanna do an update about what happened the last few weeks. As you can imagine the normal uni everyday life captured me. In Australia, different to most of my courses in Germany, there’s attendance, so we have to go to our practicals (tutorials), if not, you fail your class. How ever, I had 3 amazing weeks full of  new experiences, parties, beer and fantastic new acquaintances. Let’s start with the first week of uni. As everybody can imagine it’s really difficult to find all the different buildings in time, even if the University of Sydney is a campus-university. I found exactly four of my five lectures (first week has no practicals) and when I arrived in the fifth lecture theatre it was empty. The Australian charm is unique, at least I could find that out, after an employee came in and joked with me: „If the lecture theatre is empty and you are the only one there, it’s you, who’s wrong:)!“. Yea, one week later I found out why I was alone. The academic said, that the course is officially two hours of lecture, but only because of the credit points, he won’t teach two full hours! And… Hm.. Further on I was at the beach this weeks, at several beaches to be more concrete (Manly, Coggee, Bondi, and some others). It’s nice to go out of uni and go to the beach instead of doing something for the uni. I never saw waves like these I saw this week. It’s amazing to stand in the water, see the wave come closer, and bigger, biiggggeeeerr, and biiigggeerrr, and at the moment when the wave is twice as big as you it’s a good moment to get a bit respectful. It was amazing!!!

St. Johns Ambulance

As you might now I’m a voluntary EMT in Germany, so I tried to do voluntary medical work in Australia, too. I tried to do this at St. Johns Ambulance, a medical service that works on campus and supports several events. But… They didn’t accept my medical education and told me that I would have to do the first aid certificate 1 on my cost to join them. That had been something about 100$ and I’m sure that it’s creepy to pay 100$ for being allowed to work voluntary. In conclusion I gave up the idea of voluntary medical service and have mor free time now.

Free Block Dinner

My dorm is really expensive, but it offers a lot of different things. One of these things is the monthly block dinner. The whole building gets a free diner (some not that bad food) and can come together and meet the other guys living in the building. This time we hat some chicken breast with potato salad and normal salad. Going there was a good idea and I was able to get in contact with some Aussies:-). It’s interesting how their Uni-payment works. An international student has to pay about 4000$ per 6 Credit Points, but they have to pay back their studies owe by their income. If they go to an other country they never have to pay it back. Harbor Cruise at Darling Harbor: The international office of the University of Sydney offered a harbor cruse with food and beer though the Darling Harbor. We spent about 3 or 4 hours on the sea and it’s crazy that there’s such a lot of German and Austrian people in Australia. I think every fifth speaks German… During the trip I was able to take some really amazing pics.

Nightly Photowalk

Sailing Club

The University of Sydney has a sailing club running a sailing event about once a month. It’s getting a free BBQ, being at the beach and having the possibility to sail in the harbor. The club owns some small boats for one or two people, some canoes and wind-surfing boards. The most interesting activities of this club are the weekend-trips including food and drinks. It’s something like arriving on Friday, drinking a bit, sailing on Saturday and drinking really a lot in the night finishing with a hangover on Sunday and driving back for about 120$. It’s an amazing experience and it’s a giant hangover you can get (as you see in the vid 🙂 The kitesurfers and Sunday were fantastic.


German Club

One of the social clubs operated by the USU is the German Conversation Club, a club that help’s people to improve their German conversation skills. Some of them are going to go to Germany others just like the language and the culture. The club runs a weekly conversation group. It’s funny to hear this mix of German and English and to follow these discussions about differences in culture. Further on the club runs a monthly „Stammtisch“ at the German restaurant „Essen“ and is a partner of the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast to one of our uni-bars. It’s the club’s mayor event. After joining the club about 6 weeks ago I was elected as a general executive member, what includes helping planning events, staying in contact with other authorities and clubs, etc. It’s a great chance to learn more about culture and improve my skills.

Laser Tag

Fuck yea, that was one of the most amazing thins I did in Sydney. I just heard about laser tag when I watched How I Met Your Mother, but I never saw any possibility to do that in Germany. The mechanical engineering society offered pizza, beer and laser tag for all their members and it was really funny. I never thought that it might be so amazing, but hell year, nice! And it’s not that painful as paintball 🙂


The University of Sydney had one week of easter vacations and I used this vacation to visit some friends in Melbourne (that’s my next blog post).

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