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The second week – Enrolment, orientation week and social clubs in Australia.

It’s Sunday evening and our bus arrives back in Sydney after a weekend what was full of sun, rain and fun while surfing at the 7-miles Beach. At about 8pm I met Bernhard, my German co-fighter, in the bar of the wake up hostel where the after-surf-weekend-party was located to enjoy the crowd. Unfortunately there was less crowd than we expected and the beer was more expensive than hoped and we left to enjoy an other ozzi bar. We had a funny evening in the century bar (3$ a beer) and left after about 2 beers to be prepared for our first day on campus.

Monday, 25th of February – The Welcome day

Typical German, I arrived at the Great Hall (where the exchange welcome was placed) about one hour too early, but not only me, I found one lost girl sitting in front of the hall and enjoying the sun. She was an exchange student from Europe, too, and within the next few minutes we were a group of about 10 exchange students talking about accommodation, lifestyle and studies.
At about 10 o’clock the welcoming started at the head of the university presented many important persons and the Australian culture to us. It was quite cool to participate in this ceremony and see this amount of exchange and abroad students (500 or more). The best advice: Get a relationship to an Ozzi Smiley. In the Afternoon Bernhard and me tried to get to the beach, first we went on the wrong direction, but at about 6pm we made the way to the beach and I fetched the bike I bought in ebay…. Cycling in Sydney is really exciting and I rode on the wrong site a view times, but arrived all right at my dorm and enjoyed the first day of orientation week in the Sydney University Village that offered free alcohol and free food^^. Unfortunately I met some other exchange students there and we decided to run a small home party that evening…(My recommendation to everyone: Talk to everyone and never say no. You’ll have a great time!).

Tuesday 26th of February – The enrolment-day

Sun, blue sky and above 20°C, a typical morning in Sydney, but it was the enrolment-day, the day to become a real student at the university of Sydney. We waited in a big group in front of the entrance to get our welcome-bags and the envelopes with our course data. You can imagine, about 400 Students that want to get their stuff at the same moment^^. I decided for the easier way, talking to other people waiting in front of the door.
It’s really weird that such a lot of Germans go to Sydney. It’s the other side of the world and nearly every 5th person I talk to is German. And, yea, it was the second one, I had a nice talk to a German abroad student who preferred spending the time in the sun instead of the queue.^^ So, what was worth waiting for it about 1 hour? It was a T-Shirt and some study stuff and… yeaaaa the envelope containing the enrolment forms. After this we had a small introduction about how to use the forms and the online system and that was the whole enrolment day. Great, wasn’t it? But I met a lot of people during this and was able to add some new friends on Facebook. It’s quiet cool that I saw a lot of people I saw at surf camp, too.
Later on we (Bernhard and me) decided to go to the beach and as everybody within a new town would do, we took the wrong bus… Yea… Taking the wrong bus to Coogee Beach is really difficult, because the right bus has the last stop at Coogee…. But we did so… After that we arrived at the beach and it was a relaxing day. In the evening the Sydney University Village offered some free food and drink (Beer, e.g.) and I got in contact to some really friendly Australians. We decided do run a small “homepary” and hang out at their room. In conclusion compared to Germany it’s a totally different lifestyle in Australia. Everything is much more easy and relaxed.

First day of O-Week, first day of my life (Wednesday 27th of February) to Friday the 1st of March

O-Week_picYeay, it’s Wednesday, the most important day of tis week. It’s the day when the O’week (Down the rabbit hole) started. The Sydney Union, one of the biggest students associations runs the o’week every year to introduce the societies, the sport and everything else to the new students. To explain it to the German guys that never saw something like that, it’s a big long street containing a lot of stalls, advertising and fun Zwinkerndes Smiley.It’s realy impossible to compare such an orientation week to the German orientation stuff you do normally. The stalls started with the physics society and stopped with the Chinese Christian society. You could find nearly everything there. My favourite societies are the chocolate society and yea the sport clubs. I joined the Ultimate Frisbee Club, the Sailing Club, and the Chocolate Society.
It’s interesting there.. we had a speed dating as well. I did so and it was a really weird and funny week. The SUV had a lot of other opportunities they offered during the week and it was really something not boring or something like that.

Oh, i nearly forgot to tell you about the first training of the Ultimate Frisbee Team^^, Ultimate is really the some sport that it is in Germany, but after the Training we went to the bar and hat a nice evening together. I even learned some typical Australian drinking games:

The 5 cent coin:

A normal 5 cent coin contains a picture of the Queen. 
If you throw it in someone's drink he has to safe the queen and the table sings:
Here's to (insert name), s/he's true blue
S/he's a piss-pot through and through
S/he's a bastard, so they say
Tried to go to heaven, but s/he went the other way
Drink it down, down, down

And Circle of Death:

I’ll explain that within an other post. It is a little bit more complicatedSmiley

But, it was a really funny and awful night^^ You can see?!?

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night was the SUV-paint-party. It was a cool party, but yea…. It’s a new thing I never did before. But I’d recommend going to a paint party to everyoneSmiley

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2013-03-10 11.05.48PS: The cheapest way to get drunken is Goon. Goon is the cheapest wine in Australia. You can buy 4 litres for about 14$. Why is it called goon? It’s an Aboriginal word for pillow, because blown up it looks like a pillow.

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