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Study Exchange – Trip to a new life and the first week

IMG_0783 EL5A1545
I’m waking up, snow is falling on the windows if the car and I can see the signs of the airport. We’ve arrived a few minutes before seven o’clock.

IMG_0785After checking in we had a last meal together in Germany and I have to say – I love curry. After all of the security checks and arriving at my fate I found out that my plane will arrive delayed due to the snowfall. At about 10 o’clock we finally were able to board, but this was everything that would happen within the next two hours. Both of the two runways had been closed because of the weather, what caused some more problems.

We arrived in Dubai with a delay of two hours, what reduced our transit time to habit half an hour, but the boarding gate was on the other site of the airport -.-. Due to a good guide and a little bit of hurry we were able to board in time. … We arrived in time…. After our arrival and waiting more than half an hour for our luggage some adviser told us that our luggage was still in Dubai…..bad luck…..

After this information I made my way through the border patrol and got my Australian SIM at the airport. It was a good contract and it will be fine fore my year in Australia, even if its not the best one.

The Arrival – Sunday 17th of February 2013

It was about 12 o’clock when I arrived at my hostel (I’m staying at Sydney base) and after loading my hand luggage I took my camera and started a first photo walk though Sydney. IMG_0802
(Of course Felix, my mascot was with me, too Smiley )
I have to witness – this is a fantastic town and everybody is that lovely :))). This walk took me through the town-centre, around the apple store, to Darling Harbour, a small harbour with some activities, a park and a small shopping centre where I was able to buy a second shirt (lost luggage, you know?). The shopping enter was quite cool, but it looked a bit European, but everyone was more friendly ^^.

Attached you can see 4 pictures of the town centre, after that the pictures around darling harbour.


To prevent getting a jet-lag I forced my self to stay awake and what would be better than going to the Chinese new year for to stay awake? Yea, nothing! My evening took me to the new year parade (not it’s the year of the snake!) next to my hostel. In conclusion I have to say – it’s a parade as another parade. It’s not that special, but you must have seen it.

This was my first day in Australia, it was a great day, I’ve seen many new things and it was a fantastic new experience.

Monday, 18th of February 2013

Monday, my second day in Australia, I bought my self a myMulti 1 Ticket, what I really have to recommend to everyone. This ticket allows you to use all of the buses, ferries and most of the trains in Sydney. You can buy this ticket in most of the supermarkets, for example in 7-11 and it costs something about 45 bucks for one week. To use this ticket i boarded a random bus and took it to the final station, something next to King Street Wharf. I enjoyed the sunny day and did a walk along the beach promenade. Without of my iPhone I really had been lost. My orientation is worse that i thought… However, when you go there you’ll pass some of the oldest houses in Sydney. This looks really beautiful and is a big contrast to the inner city.IMG_0807IMG_0808IMG_0809

The beach promenade is a great place to ride a bike or for skaters.It’s really quiet and you’ll only see couple of people walking there.

After a walk of about half an hour or if you enjoy the view and have some breaks one our you arrive at Walsh Bay, next to The Rocks. It’s a famous old wharf where you can enjoy some of the old original machines and buildings by the earlier times. Now the old wharf buildings are used for art, galleries, cafes‘ and so on. It’s a nice place to relax and forget all of the hurries a big city can have.
IMG_0820IMG_0821IMG_0830<- Cute, isn’t it?IMG_0833
Following the old pathway under the Harbour Bridge you arrive at The Rocks and can have a really nice view to Circular Bay and the Sydney Opera House.
That was my Monday, a lot of walk,nice views and finding out, that Sydney isn’t that bigSmiley. I forgot the most important thing: I found 2 supermarkets where I can afford buying food. A water for less than 1$ and fruits for about 2,5$ per kilo. I can totally recommend Woolworth and Coles (650 George St, Sydney NSW 2000) . At Coles you’re able to buy cheaper alcohol, too.


Tuesday, 19th of February 2013

On  Tuesday my hostel offered a free bridge walk. It was sponsored by a tax back institution, but  even in this case it was a nice walk. We had a nice walk, and after about 5 minutes I knew some more people and hat a nice talk to them. We walked  on top of a hill and had a nice view to the harbour bridge and after that we walked over it and enjoyed a glass of goon (the cheapest wine you can buy in Australia) and a sandwich. Our small group (the others were really lovely Australian students) decided to go back by ferry and have a walk around the bay. After an amazing walk we went bank to our hostel and I have to say, I’ll never say anything against the DB, because of the small Seats…. Have a look at my last pic and find out what I’m thinking about…
IMG_0848After a nice shower our catholic group of about 13 people went out to get something to eat. We decided to get something Chinese and at least went to a really nice restaurant. It’s fantastic to share meals with more than 9 other peoples (and I had my first prayer at the table). It was a really lovely group Smiley

After the diner we went to Manly Beach (by night) and hat a really fantastic view back to the city. You really have to do this with some of your friends. Manly Beach isn’t that great at all. I think it’s a beach like everyone else, but everybody is going there because it’s so far away… It has sand, sea and waves….

Wednesday, 20th of February 2013

Today I met with the Australian students I met yesterday to have breakfast and we decided to have a trip to Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is the most famous beach in Sydney and has a lot of surfers over there.
IMG_0884The first thing I learned today was that swimming is only allowed between the two yellow-orange flags. Only in between this flags the lifeguards will rescue you (the will do so outside, too, but it’s more dangerous and forbidden outside this area). Later on we hat a 10$ Steak next to the beach and went back home, because the others had to go back to Melbourne. I have to say a big THANKS to all of these guys, it was a great time with you!

Thursday 21st of February 2013

IMG_0892IMG_0897Thursday the hostel offered a free trip to Coogee beach including a barbecue. During the trip I got to know a German guy who’s going to do half a year work’n travel in New Zealand and enjoyed a 4 weeks holiday in Australia.After our barbie we decided to walk with some other guys along the coast to Bondi (about 6 km and a nice view) (and we didn’t get lost^^).
It was a cool walk and I can recommend it to everyone to do this at least once. I took a lot of pictures and saw some new places. On our way to Bondi we saw a lot of small beaches and also an old, very old, graveyard.
IMG_0927No the most important question: What can you do after having a nice day on the beach? Yes,  you can do party! We went to a (cheap) club (century club in the centre of Sydney) where you can have a beer for just 3$. After having 2 beers we went back to the hostel and I learned something new, a drinking game called “circle of death”, and yea, it’s a circle of death! What is the game about? Drinking!^^. After that we joined the Crazy Canary, the club of the hostel and yea… Can’t recommend it, but if you ever want to have a lot of fun you should do one thing. Make a Japanese or Korean drunk and let him dance Gangam Style. Best moves ever! (Oh, and it was my first day in my new home, the Sydney University Village).

Friday 22nd of February 2013 to Sunday 24th

My first weekend in Australia was a trip to a surf camp, offered by the university, where a lot of exchange students joined. We arrived on Friday evening, and our surfing started Saturday at 7:00 am… But after this weekend I can stand on this fucking board (for about 4 seconds) and it’s really a lot of fun and everyone who never surfed before has to do it!859392_10151273696876931_900209887_o856990_10151273745726931_1981788982_o861168_10151273696856931_1774515656_o858543_10151273864581931_136986412_o225237_10151274003296931_791841650_n


Now in GermanSmiley: Zusammengefasst war das wohl eine der aufregensten Wochen meines Lebens. Ankunft, Gepäck verloren, in einer neuen Stadt zurecht finden. Für alle die Ankommen kann ich nur empfehlen: Holt euch am Flughafen die Optus Prepaid Sim für 30$, da habt ihr alles was ihr braucht, ladet euch dann die NSW Transportation App runter (oder nutzt google Maps dafür) und kauft euch für die 1. Woche ein MyMulti3 (das is etwas teurer als das was ich hatte, aber damit könnt ihr mit dem Zug in die Stadt fahren und könnt auch auf eigene Faust mit dem Zug in die Blue Mountains fahren, ohne irgendwas extra zahlen zu müssen). Beim Hostel empfehle ich euch die größeren Zimmer und Oropax. Idioten gibt es sowohl im 10er als auch im 4er Zimmer und mehr Party is definitiv im großen Zimmer.

Wenn man Obst, Getränke oder echtes Brot haben möchte lohnt sich immer der Weg in die gr0ßen Supermärkte oder zu Aldi (gibs hier wirklich) um zu sparen. im 7-11 (24-7 offen) kann man im Notfall was kaufen, aber es ist wirklich überteuert. Beim Busfahren, etc solltet ihr nie vergessen euer Ticket, auch wenn es ne Zeitkarte ist, zu scannen, da da drauf ne Strafe von 200$ steht.

Die 2 wichtigsten Sachen zum Schluss: Ihr werdet hier immer begrüßst mit “hi, how’re you doing?”, “Gday” oder etwas in der Art. Die angebrachte Antwort ist etwas zischen “Fine, you?” und “Ok, you?”. Auch hier möchte keiner die Lebensgeschichte hören^^. UND: Quatscht einfach mit allem was sich hier bewegt – hier sind alle super liebenswert und hilfsbereit!!!

Das war dann mal der Trip to a new life and the first week und natürlich blogge ich über die 2. Woche auch Smiley Da geht es um die Orientation Week.

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  1. Florian 1 März 2013 at 07:13 Permalink

    Hey chris
    Es war schön mal wieder ein blog von dir zulesen 🙂 ich wünsche dir viel spaß komm gesund zu uns nach münchen wieder zurück 😉 🙂

    • Christian Kazuya 3 März 2013 at 12:48 Permalink

      Hey Flo,
      I hope you enjoyed reading it and yea, I’ll try to return alive 🙂
      Do what I told you to do and we’ll see us then^^

  2. Freddy 3 März 2013 at 12:21 Permalink

    Yeahhh Chris,

    great stuff!!!! Keep on Dude, i wanna everything learn about special Australian Food ;D
    Never ending adventure storry pleaaassseeee

    Greetings from Germany

    Hurrrrryyyy up!!!!! 😀


    • Christian Kazuya 3 März 2013 at 12:50 Permalink

      Hey Freddy,
      thanks for reading the story. Australian food is a little bit complicated, but I think that I’ll talk about that in week two, three or four. Actually I’m writing week two, but there’s so much happening in Sydney, it’s really hard do find a good moment for writing :-).

      Week two is about my enrollment, drinking beer, the oweek, drinking more beer, social clubs, party and a lot of beer 🙂 (and about a girl, but I don’t tell anything about that yet:-) )

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